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Archbishop Nelson Perez has recently suspended all public Masses throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia during this crisis of the new Coronavirus. The danger to everyone is very real and, in truth, supersedes the value of the celebration of the Eucharist on a simply human level.  Out of grave concern for the health of the Catholic families as well as that of all other families, Masses will not be celebrated in our parishes until further notice from Archbishop Perez. The following announcement can be found n its entirety in Catholic Philly:

“Over the last several weeks, the potential spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has dramatically impacted our lives and our communities. As the number of cases grows exponentially each day, government and health officials are diligently working to contain the virus.

During this pandemic, we are reminded that life is truly precious and that we all are one family under God. As Christians, we should respond to this pandemic with great faith and prudence.”

We need to pray for one another and keep watch for our elderly and others who might fall into a great need during this time of crisis. God will be with us as we keep our fixed on Jesus.