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Parish Support Initiative

The Parish Support Initiative was created to assist parishes in maintaining sustainable financial support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia launched this program in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It offers our parish another stream of revenue outside of the ordinary Sunday envelopes.  And this is in addition to the current electronic giving platform already in use by many of our parishioners. The added feature of this new initiative is that it opens the door for others to support our parish, i.e. not just parishioners but also businesses and private commercial interests. It is a wonderfully broad instrument for furthering the financial stability of our parish.

THANK YOU to all who have been making sacrifices, as your condition allows,  to continue the financial support that we need.

I invite you to consider making use of either of these new projects to help us stay solvent, especially now when actually getting to Mass each Sunday is very difficult, if not impossible. The electronic giving can be arranged with your own bank and the Parish Support Initiative can be accessed at SupportMyParish.org.