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Recently the parish finished an increased offertory program to ensure the financial stability of the parish community. The costs of everything have increased for everyone – and this is particularly true for the parish. Therefore, it was necessary to try to increase the amount of money that we  could collect from the primary source of our finances – the Sunday Offertory Collection.  Over the course of 15 weeks letters went out to all our parishioners explaining our need in light of the expenses of keeping the parish open and the vision of a viable future for the parish family. To all who were financially able to make an increase in your weekly collections – THANK YOU!

However, I realized at the beginning of the campaign that not everyone would be able to do this, despite their desire to help. I am EQUALLY GRATEFUL to those members of the parish for your prayerful consideration of the campaign and for your present weekly effort. Everyone’s effort in keeping the parish financially stable will accomplish the goal of helping the parish thrive for future generations.

Please keep the parish’s financial needs “on the front burner”. If everyone in the parish can continue to support our community we will be able to create new ideas and programs in which parishioners, families and young adults, will learn how to live the gospel and proclaim it well. That is the purpose of any parish family, and with God’s help we can be very successful in doing so!