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Catholic Education

Today, everyone agrees that you cannot get anywhere in life without a good education. And everyone realizes that continual updating is essential to someone who is really concerned about how they perform their duties. If this is essential in the world of science or commerce, it is even more important in the life of faith. As Catholics, we are to be the light of the Gospel in the world and to cooperate with God in transforming creation. To accomplish this we need to know the faith and all that it entails.

How will neighbors and strangers discover the answers about Jesus if the Christians they ask do not know? How will decisions be made in the light of faith in Jesus if the followers of Jesus do not know what that faith entails for themselves or others? How will parents be able to give good direction to their children in the pressing issues that confront them if they have not read Scripture or the teachings of the Church?

All our educational programs will attempt to teach the principles that derive from Scripture and express our faith in Jesus. In faithfulness to the teachings of the Church, we hope to challenge the mind and open the hearts of young and old to all that is truly possible when we see life and all creation through the eyes of Jesus’ intentions for mankind.