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The Catholic youth of today are the Catholic leaders of tomorrow. They will face increasingly complicated challenges in the future that will either advance human dignity or accelerate a downward spiral of man’s inhumanity to man, expanding the distance between those who have enough of this world’s goods and those who do not. They will need to find the answers for questions which our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI asked at the last World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany: Where do I find the standards to live by, what are the criteria that govern responsible cooperation in building the present and future of our world? On whom can I rely? To whom shall I entrust myself? Where is the One who can offer me the response capable of satisfying my heart’s deepest desires? Through our limited resources and the generous hearts of our volunteers, we hope to give the young members of our community the tools and wisdom to find the answer in Jesus and to sustain an optimism for a bright future in Jesus.

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