Some Actual Costs – How did we get here?

Each Sunday we publish the previous Sunday’s collection. This is doing so that the parishioners can get a better idea of just how well (or poorly) the parish is doing with its finances. It is primarily from this collection, among other kinds of contributions, that we have the financial ability to continue running the parish. Without this continuing support we are “dead in the water”. We can’t pay our bills with kind hearts, and well intentioned prayers – only $$$ will work.

Briefly then:

Church and school income vs expenses   (for the example take the last six years 2011 thru 2016)


Collections =                $2,262,993

Expenses  =                 $1,580,082

Profit                          $682,911


Income (tuition) =        $4,603,558

Other income =           $687,539

Total income =            $5,291,097

Expenses  =                 $6,403,898

Deficit –                       $1,112,801

Where do we go from here to keep both the parish and the school alive and well?